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Ballistic testing has shown that.44 Magnum is shot much faster than.45 Long Colt. When shot from a similar length barrel,.44 Magnum will be much faster. For our purposes, we will use a 5 inch barrel for a comparison Answered March 28, 2017 · Author has 5.3K answers and 497.6K answer views The.45 Colt is generally loaded to lower pressures than.44 Magnum, making the.44 more powerful with most factory.45 ammo. The.45 has a larger diameter bullet than the.44 The.45 LC was originally a black powder cartridge. With original loadings, its ballistics are nowhere near the.44 Magnum. Not only is the original 45colt inferior to the 44mag, but its my understanding it is also inferior to the 44 special and the old 44-40. Someone correct me if I'm wrong .45 Long Colt vs .45 Automatic Colt Pistol Price. Everyone is operating on a budget, and even the most wealthy of handgun owners need to consider pricing. While neither of these cartridges are outrageously expensive, it appears .45 ACP ammo is the more affordable round. There is plenty of overlap in pricing, but as of writing this article the. The Ruger revolvers took the.45 Colt into new territory allowing, the round to rub elbows with the.44 Magnum. When it came to handgun hunting because few things in this world can argue with a heavy..

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  1. Revolver 6 coups calibre 45 long Colt Fonctionne en simple action canon acier bronzé noir 120 mm (4/3 pouces) Carcasse acier jaspé Pontet acier... Revolver Pietta 1873 cal 357 Mag 4-3/4 quadrillé (SA73-006LC) En stock: 449 € Revolver 6 coups calibre 38/357 Mag Arme tout acier canon 43/4 Plaquettes quadrillée Carcasse et chien jaspée, canon et barillet... Revolver Pietta 1873 cal 45LC 4.
  2. Dans un revolver avec un canon de 5 à 6, la vitesse de la.44-40 est équivalente à celle de la.45 Colt. Magtech propose d'ailleurs un chargement à balle de 225 grains (14.6 g) donné à 230 m/s dans un revolver. Bref, dans une arme de poing, entre le.45 Colt et le.44-40 WCF, la puissance est quasiment identique
  3. gs. However, this piece was meant for up-close-and-personal work; in that capacity, it works exceedingly well. Muzzle blast is noticeably.
  4. The strength of .45 Long Colt cases. The following is a direct quote from the Sierra Reloading Manual. Although it has internal capacity comparable to that of the .44 Magnum, the thickness and strength of the .45 Colt cartridge case is much less than that of the .44 Magnum, imposing a limiting factor upon the older cartridge which cannot be avoided. And this is a quote from the Speer.
  5. a modern .45LC revolver with +p loads can equal the .44 magnum performance in a lighter package than the S+W X frame and others. i'm just saying that if you have a nice modern .45 LC revolver there is no need to look for a .44 rem mag, as you already have its equal. as for the S+W 460, it is on my wish list as it can fire .45 LC, 454 casull and 460 S+W magnum. truly a VERSATILE handgun
  6. La cartouche .45 Colt (appelée également .45 Long Colt) (11,43X33mmR) a été présentée par la firme Colt en 1873 pour le célèbre Colt Single Action Army plus connu sous le nom de Peacemaker (Pacificateur).. L'armée des États-Unis a adopté cette cartouche de diamètre 11,43 mm en 1874, elle est restée en service jusqu'en 1892, quand elle a été remplacée par le .38 Long Colt
  7. Source(s): I have a .44 Magnum revolver. almost all my .44 Mag are my own reloads. have some factory ammo and it cost me an arm & leg! I had the choice of .45 colt or 44 magnum revolver, I took the 44 because the gun was cheaper. I didn't realize the ammo wasn't! Good thing i load my own, right? Ammo prices average from 8 stores in Southern California

Désireux d'acquérir un 1873 saa je ne sais en quel calibre le choisir , en 44/40 ou en 45 long colt . Je n'ai aucune idée de la différence entre les 2. J'aurais aimé savoir quelle est la différence entre ces deux calibre, es ce que c'est leur taille, le diametre ou la quantité de poudre ? Ayant comparer le prix des 2 munitions je panche plutot pour le 44/40 surtout qu'elle est plus. But in looking at some specs, I have to wonder if you could duplicate the performance of one in a .45 Colt. My SRH is in .454 so I believe the gun to be strong enough. And there is more case volume in .45 Colt brass, I believe. So... Doable? encore64 458 Devastator. All Things Revolvers.... Posts: 5,025 .45 Colt vs. .45 Win Mag Jan 25, 2017 16:10:38 GMT -5 via mobile . Quote. Select Post. Magtech .45 Long Colt, LFN (16,2gr) sur la boutique Munitions & Rechargement de Frankonia.fr. Commande de Magtech .45 Long Colt, LFN (16,2gr) (Calibre .45 Long Colt) dans notre boutique en ligne Frankonia et commandez le en toute sécurité en ligne!. Si vous possédez déjà l´article .45 Long Colt, LFN (16,2gr), n'hésitez pas à le recommander à une de vos connaissances I've shot a few deer with .45 Colt loaded to this general power level and have no complaints at ranges of about 40 yards and under. If one's primary purpose in this caliber is hunting, I'd go with either a full-house .41 or .44 Magnum, or .454 Casull or go with hot .45 Colt loads in a Ruger revolver. I have no experience with any of the newer.

However, most 45 Long colt ammo you find at a store will be NORMAL 45 long colt ammo. What I suggest to you is you get a lever action rifle in 44 magnum. This is readily available, and while the hottest 45 long colts outperform 44 magnum, you can always find 44 magnum on the gun store shelf, wherease you are giong to always have to special order the super hot 45LCs The full-house rounds also get .44 Magnum performance with about 80 percent of the chamber pressure. Mileage will vary but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that a stout .44 Mag produces about 38,000 psi, while the .45 Colt will only generate around 25,000 psi to send a bullet downrange at more than 1200 fps From a terminal ballistic performance the 44 Mag (240 gr.) loads should be more effective on dangerous game. The factory loadings of 45 Long Colt are almost always loaded to a much lower pressure and velocity because most firearms previously chambered for them just will not sustain the same pressure levels as some of the 44 Mags now on the market Colt King Cobra 4 .357 Magnum . Occasion (1) 725,00 € 650,00 € 1873SAA 43/4 ACIER 44-40 . Neuf (1) 490,80 € REVOLVER COLT SAA SINGLE ACTION JOHN WAYNE COMMEMORATIVE Calibre 45 Long Colt - USA XXè U.S.A. Civil . Neuf. Livraison gratuite. 4 400,00 € Achat immédiat. Mis en vente le 30/09/2020. Revolver COLT TROOPER MKIII calibre 357mag . Occasion. 640,00 € Achat immédiat. Le .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) ou .45 Auto, ou encore 11,43, est un calibre de cartouche développé par John Browning en 1904 pour son prototype de pistolet semi-automatique.45, qui donnera naissance au Colt M1911 (« Colt 45 ») en 1911.. Cette munition est surtout employée aux États-Unis où elle constitue une solide tradition. De nombreux pistolets et quelques pistolets mitrailleurs.

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Colt themselves helped spur this Long Colt moniker on when they introduced the .38 Long Colt vs. .38 Short Colt in the same timeframe - 1875 or 1877, as I recall. The Long Colt appellation caught on more because of that, I think, than the other .45 rounds extant at that time, but I wasn't there, so I could well be wrong Before the .44 Magnum was introduced, people stopped caring too much about the .45 Colt because of two reasons: the showstopper known as .357 Magnum, and fans of the .44 Special selling it non-stop as the finest cartridge to have ever existed. People only started developing handloads for the .45 Colt as a result of two men's painstaking labors and a gun magazine raving about the subject Munitions cal.32 S&W Long; Munitions cal.357 Magnum; Munitions cal.38 Spécial; Munitions cal.44 Magnum; Munitions cal.40 S&W; Munitions cal.45 ACP (.45 Auto) Munitions cal.454 Casull; Munitions cal.50 AE; Munitions cal.460 SW; Munitions cal.500 SW ; Munitions cal.30M1 ; Munitions cal.7,62x39; Munitions cal.300 ACC BLACKOUT; Munitions cal.308 Win (7,62x51) Accessoires armes Catégories B.

The .45 Colt, also referred to as .45 Long Colt, .45 LC, or 11.43×33mmR, is a rimmed straight-walled handgun cartridge dating to 1872. Heavier handloads will take the same range of big game animals as the .44 Magnum. Several two-barrel derringers are sold that are chambered in .45 Colt, and some of these derringers can chamber a .410 bore shotgun shell without any modifications being. balleurope - ogives 44 magnum wc bb diam.429 200gr par 500 55 € ajouter balleurope - ogives 45 lc cn fp diam.454 255gr par 250 38,90 € ajouter. balleurope - ogives 32 sw long wc bb diam.313 105gr par... 34,60 € ajouter . balleurope.

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The reason why the .44 Magnum round gets slightly higher that can be chambered for an assortment of revolver cartridges from the .327 Federal Magnum all the way up to the fat .45 Long Colt. It should be noted that 45 Colt's usually shoot bullets approximately.452-.454 in diameter and the 44 Mag shoots bullets.4295 -.431 in diameter. The 45 is a 45 and the 44 is a 43. Both use the same case length of 1.285 and approximately the same rim diameter of.512 (45) and.514 (44) The .44 Magnum is a great caliber. I have used it to drop large boar hogs and it hits like Thor's hammer. The .44-40 is a handloading proposition for real power. I happened along a .45 Colt example. The rifle looked good, with nice Brazilian wood and the popular large ring lever. Since I had plenty of .45 Colt brass the choice wasn't. Any farther, and you encounter massive drops in energy and substantial bullet drop. The.44 Magnum can stretch that a bit more, with the ideal range being 50 to 100 yards—only a marginal increase over.357 and.45 Colt. The.45-70 is commonly thought of as a long-range round The ballistic performance of the original .44 Colt is comparable to the .44 Remington, and less powerful than modern .44 Russian loads. Cases for the modern .44 Colt chambered handguns are typically made using trimmed .44 Magnum, .44 Special, or .44 Russian brass and a historically inaccurate .429 lead bullet. (As opposed to the older heeled.

.357 magnum vs. .45 long colt Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by nc.hunter, Jun 3, 2008. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > Jun 5, 2008 #21 . Don357 G&G Evangelist. 985 113. Semmes Alabama . It's a matter of preference. I use a .357mag Ruger Blackhawk for deer hunting from a tree stand. Here in Lower Alabama, a 50yd to 75yd shot is as about as long as you're going to get, and a .357mag. I have never shot a 45 long colt cartridge , Have shot alot of 357 in my GP 100 . Can you guys tell me the felt recoil between the two . My local dealer has a Vaquero 45 long colt that has 6 rounds through it . Dont want to get it if its going to kick my butt . I shoot the 357 ok , but it does.. Only about .007 vs .012 for 44-40 vs 45 Colt. Makes all the difference in the world when shooting Black Powder, not so much with Smokeless. And yes, it is fussier to load 44-40 than 45 Colt. I always have to slow down in case a case is not seated properly in the shell plate. Slamming into the bottom of the sizing die will ruin a 44-40, a 45 Colt will just shrug off the same blow

Revolver Ruger Blackhawk BN-44 calibre .45 Colt canon 4.5/8 117 mm - Bronze . Neuf. 1 199,00 € 1 079,10 € Ruger 44 Magnum New Model SUPER BLACKHAWK . Neuf. 1 190,00 € Achat immédiat. Mis en vente le 05/10/2020. Revolver Ruger GP100 cal.357 Mag. Occasion. 900,00 € Achat immédiat. Mis en vente le 05/10/2020. Revolver Ruger SP101 Cal.357 Mag . Neuf (6) 1 279,00 € 1 266,21 € - 1. I haven't shot .45 Colt, but it should have less recoil than .44 Magnum with a heavy bullet so it might be a good round. The .44 can shoot a similar wieght bullet a lot faster so more kick, but also more stopping power. .44 would also give the option of 44 special for practice which is more pleasant to shoot, but still not cheap

GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE. SEE 32 Long Rifle Value And 45 Long Colt Vs 357 Magnum Rifle IN BEST PRICES NOW Le modèle à canon de 4 pouces ¾ (la plus faible longueur compatible avec la conservation de la baguette d'éjection) chambré en calibre .357 Magnum se révèle particulièrement maniable, tandis que celui à canon de 5 pouces ½ chambré en calibre .45 Long Colt est conforme au Colt Peacemaker utilisé sur la « Frontier » dans les dernières années de la conquête de l'Ouest. Ces. The 45 Colt is the foundation of many debates occurring daily on the internet and in gun shops around the world. The top 3 debates seem to start with the name or proper nomenclature is it 45 Colt or .45 Long Colt, 45 Colt is better than 44 Magnum especially if reloading and last but not least, should 45 Colt be used for hunting. These debates are much like religious debates of which I prefer. Compared: The .44 Magnum and .45 Colt By Chuck Hawks This comparison article is about the .44 Remington Magnum and .45 Long Colt. It was brought about the volume of e-mail I have received on the subject. I would like to mention at the outset that I handload for and shoot both calibers, and that I own what I regard as being among the very best.

Brass .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum A modified version of Henry's model H006C Big Boy .45 Colt. Weighing in at just under 6 lbs. and 25 long, this brass accented beauty holds 5 rounds and also comes with our easy-loading tubular magazine design..22 Magnum Henry's Magnum version of the Mare's Leg is a Large Loop Lever Action Pistol that holds nine rounds. Easy-loading tubular. Compare all 45 Colt ammunition manufacturers on one easy chart. All the ballistics from all manufacturers, finally... in one place. Handgun Ballistics . 25 ACP; 32 ACP; 327 Magnum; 380 ACP; 9mm Luger; 357 Magnum; 357 SIG; 38 Special; 38 Super; 40 S&W; 10mm Auto; 41 Magnum; 44 Magnum; 44 Special; 45 ACP; 45 GAP; 45 Colt; 454 Casull; 460 Magnum; 480 Ruger; 50 AE; 500 Magnum; Rifle Ballistics. The .45 Colt does what it does without fuss and bother and Magnum pressure. Even modest loads offer good wound potential for personal defense and plenty of penetration for taking game animals. With highly developed handloads and modern specialty loads from custom shops, the .45 Colt is a real powerhouse. (Just don't fire these loads in a vintage revolver!) There are solid competitors such as.

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Produits en rupture de stock ,retrouvez un large choix d'articles aux prix les plus bas du net sur meyson.fr, livraison en 24/48H00, paiement sécurisé par CB et 4X sans frais par chèque 44 Magnum Ruger SBH Frankestein 6 3/4 barrel cut from 9 1/2 inch - Leupold 2x 475 Linebaugh BFR 7 1/2 w/ Microdot 45 Colt Ruger SBH conversion 5.5 inch - iron sights stock 45 Colt 250 Gr Missouri Pinbuster .452 13 gr HS6 - 1153 fps 5 shot tight cluster***** 13.5 HS6 - 1195 fps group opened 13.8 gr HS6 - 1213 FPS group fell apart 255 Keith Missouri Coated 13 HS6 1134 FPS slight verticals string. Let's take a side-by-side look at the 357 Magnum vs 44 Magnum calibers. We'll analyze history, ballistics and availability to help you determine which one of these revolver heavy hitters is best for you. READ MORE; 45 Long Colt vs. 45 ACP. Ammo Topics; August 18, 2020; A side-by-side comparison of two popular handgun calibers, the 45 Long Colt vs 45 ACP. READ MORE; Steel vs Brass Ammo. Avec sa crosse en noyer vintage et sa carcasse d'aspect vieilli, la carabine à levier sous garde 1892 Lever Action 45 Long Colt ressemble à s'y méprendre à son ancêtre américaine. De section ronde comme celui de l'originale, le canon de cette Chiappa mesure 51 cm. Il comporte 6 rayures au pas de 1:16 pour mieux guider les balles sur une trajectoire bien plane

Thinking about buying a lever action rifle, and Im trying to decide between the 30-30 vs the 45 long colt. Im kinda leaning toward the 30-30. Mossberg has offered their 464 lever action in walnut and its totally gorgeous! Opinions please. I also have a six gun in 45 long colt! Thanks!:rock It CAN shoot your intended load in Colt 45 and 45+P without a doubt. Pound for pound, it is heavier and thicker than most revolvers. Of my 44 Magnums, I have the 9.5 Ruger Super Redhawk, a 629 3 Deluxe and a Performance Center 629 7.5 Hunter. The 9.5 comes in at a whopping 58 ounces. It handles recoil of a 44 Magnum like a 38 revolver. I have strong hands so trigger weight doesn't matter. you CAN get more power from the .45 but you won't find a lot of .44 Magnum guns that should be babied; you WILL find .45 Colt guns that you will kill if you've done that with your cartridges. If you need more power than .44 Magnum I would not recommend .45 Colt as the place to get it, for that reason. Go with .45/70 or .454 Casull or something. colt 44 magnum for sale and auction. Buy a colt 44 magnum online. Sell your colt 44 magnum for FREE today on GunsAmerica

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  1. Basically, out to about 75 yards, I'd rather have a .45 Colt or .44 Magnum in a trapper sized rifle. After that, I'd feel a bit more comfortable with the faster 30-cal bullet. As far as Elk, I haven't the foggiest... Top . BearStopper Post subject: Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:03 am . Blackhawk: Joined: Sat May 17, 2008 2:45 am Posts: 940 Location: Oregon Heavy 45 Colt loads out any action type.
  2. gton Performance Wheel Gun Lead M-ID RN: 250gr: n/a: 50.
  3. Actually, the .44-40 has an excellent history from the post civil war period onward. It was preferred by many shooters in both rifles and handguns over the .45 long colt during the period of westward expansion. Unfortunately, in today's marketplace this round is not so available in cartridges and new firearms when compared to the .45 long colt

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  1. The .45 Colt is exactly the same round as the .45 Long Colt. The .45 Long Colt name was required in the late 1800's to differentiate between the .45 Colt and the shorter .45 Schofield. With the passing of the .45 Schofield as a popular round, the name .45 Colt is now the most accepted name for this cartridge. [5
  2. gton ammo catalogs. (Caliber, bullet weight and type - muzzle velocity, velocity at 100 yards.) .30-30, Win. 150 grain ST - 2390 fps MV, 2018 fps at 100 yds..35 Rem., Rem. 200.
  3. Messages: 9887 Date d'inscription: 06/02/2011 Age: 71 Localisation: Haut de Seine (92) Sujet: Re: Vos derniers rechargements en Ba10 pour 44-40 / 45 Colt et 45 ACP ? Mar 6 Sep 2016 - 18:38 , il n'y a pas que le CAS pour.
  4. le 45 long Colt c'est de la 4° donc autorisation de detention pour avoir les munitions le 44/40 c'est de la 5° donc licence de tir ou permis de chasse pour avoir les munitions Même probleme avec les chambrages en 38/357 Le 44 mag est en 5° Apres niveau finition les deux se valent semble t'il Moi j'ai opté pour le 44/40. J'aime Je n'aime pas : Silverhawk cal.58 Nombre de messages: 182.

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Bague en acier chirurgical, avec douilles nickelées de .44 Magnum / .45 Long Colt / .375 H&H Magnum ou 7mm d'après les disponibilités. Disponible en taille américaine de 7 à 16 (US). Confectionnée artisanalement dans l'atelier Wild West Custom, résite à tout les éléments, garantie à vie 44/40 (1) 357 Magnum (5) 45 Long Colt (4) Longueur canon . 46 cm (2) 51 cm (11) 56 cm (1) 61 cm (1) 66 cm (1) 81 cm (1) Détente . Mono détente (27) Finition . Bois (29) Camo (2) Synthétique (3) Marque . Chiappa (9) Davide Pedersoli (8) Henry (1) Marlin (6) Mossberg (1) Rossi (7) Winchester (3)-26 %. LES + CONSULTÉS. Carabine Rossi R92 Inox Canon 61 CM. 1 049,00 € 779,00 € Ajouter au. Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum caliber revolver. Desirable 4 stainless Anaconda in very good condition.Click for more info. Seller: Collectors Firearms . Area Code: 713 . 2,995.00 . Colt ~ Anaconda ~ .44 Magnum . GI#: 101516405. This Colt Model Anaconda is a 6 shot stainless steel double action revolver in .44 Magnum Cal. It has a 6 inch barrel with a ventilated rib. A blade front sight with. .45 Colt VS. .45 Long Colt. Much confusion has been in the newer gun owners' minds over the question of the difference between the .45 Colt and .45 Long Colt nomenclatures in available rounds today. Well the truth of the matter is that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! Way back in the 1870's the U.S. Army decided that it would use the Schofield .45 round as its' standard issue ammunition. They.

The Difference Between 45 Long Colt vs. 45 ACP 45 Long Colt. The 45 Long Colt was developed in 1872 in partnership by Colt and the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, which is now a subsidiary of Remington. Originally a black powder round by necessity, the U.S. Army adopted 45 Long Colt in 1873 .44-40 vs 45 Long Colt. 24 Thursday May 2012. Posted by Bangers and Mash in Henry, Uberti ≈ Leave a comment. Last night I was discussing .44-40 and 45 Long Colt with a friend who knows I have an affinity for cowboy firearms. While I know and can instruct the basics of reloading, he takes reloading to another extreme and even casts his own bullets. He said he prefers the .44-40 to the 45LC. Introduced in 1990, the Colt Anaconda is a large frame double-action revolver featuring a full length under-barrel ejection-rod lug and six round cylinder, designed and produced by the Colt's Manufacturing Company. Chambered for the powerful .44 Magnum and .45 Colt centerfire ammunition cartridges, the Anaconda marked the Hartford, Connecticut firm's first foray into the popular large-bore. The .45 Colt cartridge was developed by the United States Army at Frankford Arsenal in 1872 as an improvement of the British .476 Eley to replace the standard issue Smith and Wesson .44 round in the famous Colt Single Action Army, often known as the Peacemaker single action revolver. The United States Army adopted the cartridge in 1873 and it remained in use until 1877 when the army went to.

Where to buy 44 Magnum Ammo. If you buy your handgun ammo from your local gun store, then you need to fix that. We have some places you can bulk buy ammo, even in times of a crisis, and save a lot of money.. Here are our favorite dealers, with direct links to the right section for ammo for defensive duties .45 Long Colt Dummy Rounds Attention All Cowboy Shooter's, Western Stage and Movie Actor's, Costume Designer's and for those who are looking to.. 45 Colt Brass. Originally designed for use with blackpowder, the .45 Colt is one of the most powerful, commonly available handgun cartridges when loaded with smokeless powder. Our .45 Colt brass has been tested to .44 Magnum pressures in gun systems suitable for such loads. *New brass may require neck sizing for use with .452 and smaller bullets The gun is a treasure, in my opinion. And while I can only say that I believe my late father — who loved .44 Magnums — would have purchased an Anaconda if he had known what he was missing. I can say with certainty that the gun has changed my view of Colt. This is a firearm that can be handed down from one generation to the next. It is the.

The .45 Colt round has been around since 1873 and is as popular as ever—for good reason. It is flexible and powerful, especially if you handload. With modern loads, it will equal the .44 Magnum in high-end performance. There is also a good choice of cast and jacketed bullets available on the market, and it isn't hard to load for. The only. I just read that 45 long colt will shoot in a 460 S&W magnum, does anyone know that to be a fact. I'm emailing ruger to see if that is true in the Number 1 I have. Save Share. Reply . S. sidroski · Registered. Joined May 11, 2009 · 6,622 Posts #2 • Mar 28, 2012. Never done it but I've heard some good sources say 460, 45 LC and 454. Where's the pics of the gun and what do you want for it. As noted, especially in a Win 92 action, the .45 Colt can be handloaded to meet or exceed the .44 Mag. If you handload and make sure not to use those loads in anything other than a 92 and/or Ruger Blackhawk or old model Vaquero. Also as noted, it is easier in most places to find factory .44 Mag than .45 Colt, especially in hunting type loads

Cor-Bon advises that this ammunition should only be used in guns which are also available in 44 Magnum and is not to be used in Colt S.A.A. or replicas. Anyone unsure should call Cor-Bon at (605) 347-4544. Technical Information; Caliber: 45 Colt (Long Colt ) +P Bullet Weight: 300 Grains Bullet Style: Jacketed Soft Point Case Type: Bras 50 cartouches MAGTECH calibre 45 LONG COLT 250 grs FLAT NOSE COW BOY . Plus d'info Taurus Judge Magnum Double Action Revolver 2-441069MAG.45 Long Colt/.410 Bore 3 Chamber (accepts either 2.5 or 3 .410 Shotshells) 6.5 Barrel 1:12 Twist Rate Right Turn Groove Rifling, 6 Grooves 5 Round Cylinder Double Action/Single Action Operation Rubber Taurus Ribber Black Grip Compact Frame Red Fiber Optic Front Fixed Sight Fixed Rear.

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  1. Okay, I just bought a stainless Rossi 92 carbine in 44 Magnum. I have a 454 Cassul barrel and tubular magazine assembly. I am nearly certain that the 44 Magnum can be converted to 45 Colt — by swapping the two named devices that using ONLY 45 Colt ammunition and handloads, or by turning the 454 Cassul barrel's chamber down then rechambering to 45 Colt and swapping
  2. 454 Casull vs .45 Colt vs .44 Magnum vs .44-40 Winchester vs .38/357? For a Rossi Lever action rifle, which caliber do you thing is the best caliber by personal preference? Perbarui: I have a benelli autoloader and a Glock 20 as my sidearm so im all set with that. This is just incase I feel like taking a lever action hunting instead of the Benelli. I've always wanted a lever action and im kind.
  3. EAA Weihrauch Bounty Hunter, Revolver, .45 Long Colt, 770095, 741566010343, 4.5 Barrel, Case colored frame Item currently sold out 5 out of 5 star rating (1 reviews

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  1. The 45 Colt also predates the 38 Special, the 44 Special, and the 45 ACP, and not only is it more than 80 years older than the 44 Magnum, but it also has more case capacity and in the proper sixguns can outrank the 44 Magnum. By the standards of the day when it arrived in 1873, and even to this day, the 45 Colt was and is a powerful cartridge
  2. Nice review. I like the 45 Long Colt in a carbine. Bought my 94 Trapper from Don's guns in Indianapolis in the 90s. I wanted a 357 but they were scarce, and I was offered the 45 for 299. 100 bucks less than the 357 was going for. Has my favorite iron sights.flat post in front..semi buckhorn with the little diamond in back. I can still cut.
  3. and the name .45 Long Colt came down to us as a user-applied name, not a factory name. While I can't prove it, I believe the usage was common since Colt had factory cartridges like the .32 Short Colt, .32 Long Colt, .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt, .41 Short Colt and the .41 Long Colt. I pulled one of the .45 shorts apart and weighed and measured it. The case is 1.1 long. The powder charge.
  4. While there were name and management changes consistent with a century long operation, Astra produced various semi-auto pistols and revolvers until 2008. They developed a reputation for turning out quality firearms. Late production revolvers included stoutly-built 357's, 41 and 44 Magnums and 45 Colts. Comparisons of the 41-45 caliber Astras to S&W's N frame revolvers are inevitable. While.
  5. 44 Magnum Vs. #Best Highlight Promotion now 44 Magnum Vs You can order 44 Magnum Vs after check, compare the and check day for shipping. Some people are are interested to buy 44 Magnum Vs with the cheap price. While the item might be priced similarly at different shops. Doc . 45 Colt Ammo. #intereste
  6. Cartridge Type: Height: 1.285 Width: 0.512 Average FPS: 915 Average Energy: 442 Average Gr: 238 Recoil: 0.45 *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of .45 Colt (often called .45 Long Colt) Ballistics cartridge. While we have went to great lengths to make sure that it's as accurate as possible this rendering should not.

45 Colt vs 45 Long Colt - a 45 Caliber Debate Over Nothin

Comparing the .44 Magnum to most revolvers chambered for the .45 Colt leaves one still wondering why would anyone want the .45 Colt. The difference is that the .45 Colt, as loaded for Ruger's large, sturdy revolvers, can outperform the .44 magnum, pushing heavier, fatter bullets to comparable velocities at lower pressure. Keep in mind that the .45 Colt cartridge loaded heavy is not intended. Find .45 Long Colt single-action revolvers in affordable price at Outdoor Limited. We offer Rifle, Rimfire, Pistol and Shotgun ammunitions in bulk quantity. We supply ammunition of branded manufacturers like: Wolf Ammo, Winchester Ranger, Winchester Pheasant, Federal Gold Medal, Federal Nosler Partition, Fiocchi Ammunition, Hornady Black Rifle and many more. Our main aim is to become the best. The .45 Winchester Magnum is a .45 caliber rimless cartridge intended for use in semi-automatic pistols.The cartridge is externally a lengthened .45 ACP with a thicker web to withstand higher operating pressures. The 45 Win Mag is nearly identical in dimensions and loading to the .45 NAACO developed by the North American Arms Corporation for their Brigadier pistol, developed to supply to the. Munitions Winchester Cal. . 45 Colt Chasse et Ti

Armurerie Douille

.44 Mag.45 ACP ('08).45 ACP ('15).45 Colt.45 Super.460 Rowland.223 Rifle Acknowledgements. We'd like to personally and specifically thank Pat Childs at Fin & Feather in Iowa City, as he not only helped get most of our ammunition and other supplies, he was the brilliant gunsmith who worked with us to make this insane project much more practical. Without his help all of this would have been much. Your load seems light to me. Not sure with 45 colt but I do know a few years ago I was looking at Alliants data and they had 2400 down about 3-4gr from the load I've always used in .357 mag and still do and the new powder performs just like the old did. I only use 2400 for magnums and the loads are compressed or right at it .45 Long Colt 250 Grain Lead Round Nose Flat Point Brass Cased Reloadable Non-Corrosive Primers Muzzle Velocity: 750fps Muzzle Energy: 312 ft/lbs Uses: Cowboy Action Competitive Shooting, Training, and Pinking 50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes. Ammo Price is per box

Tir Longue Distance • Afficher le sujet - Colt SAA: 45LC

Découvrez notre Carabine Winchester, M1892 Short, calibre 44 Remington Magnum, crosse bois, de la gamme carabine à levier sous garde, en vente sur la boutique en ligne Drome Chasse Tir The .45 Colt is a semi-rimmed design, in that in comparison to the .44-40 or the .44 Magnum, its rim is slight, measuring 0.512, while the case body measures 0.480. It is a true straight-walled cartridge, having no taper whatsoever, and it is sparked by a standard large pistol primer. In recent times, the cartridge has experienced a resurgence, in both its original conformation, as well. For example someone that lives in Alaska will probably go with a .44 Magnum, but someone in Michigan would use a Ruger GP100 .357. Also, this caliber is better for longer range than a .45ACP..45 ACP users are mostly EDC personal defense carriers and those that love the big bores

Shooting with HobieEducational Zone #88 - The Colt PythonBullet DisplayСемь самых мощных пистолетов и револьверов мира

WTS Once Fired Brass .38 Special .32 Short Colt .44 Magnum .32 S&W Long .38 Long Colt .45 Long Colt Thread starter jason19711971; Start date Today at 6:35 AM; jason19711971. NES Member. Rating - 100%. 97 0 0. Joined Feb 3, 2014 Messages 6,141 Likes 3,348 Location Lakeville. Today at 6:35 AM #1/1 300pcs .38 Special $15.00 per Box (6 available) 50pcs .32 Short Colt $50.00 50pcs 44 Magnum $15.00. Taurus Raging Judge Magnum revolver with a six inch barrel, chambered in . 454 experiments to find rifling that worked well with both types of ammunition. As with the original Jud The only 2 good purposes I heard for that taurus judge are close range pest control 10 yards or less There are much better firearms in the 45 long colt caliber. Naw Suh, it ain't, unless you. 44 Magnum Ammo; 44 Russian Ammo; 44-40 Ammo; 454 Casull Ammo; 45 Auto / ACP Ammo; 45 G.A.P. Ammo; 45 Long Colt Ammo; 45 Special Ammo; 455 Webley Ammo; 460 S&W Ammo ; 500 S&W Ammo; 5.7x28 Ammo; 50 AE Ammo; 7.62x25 Tok Ammo; 7.62x38R Ammo; 7.65 Para / 30 Luger; 7.63 Mauser; 8mm Lebel; 9mm Luger Ammo; 9x18 Mak Ammo; 9mm Steyr Ammo; 8mm Steyr Ammo For Sale; Rifle Ammo For Sale. 17 Hornet Ammo; 17. 45 Long Colt; 44 Magnum Barrel Liners; 22 Caliber. 22 Magnum Barrel Liners; 22 Long Rifle Barrel Liners; 9mm Barrel Liners; 357 Barrel Liners; 380 Barrel Liners; Custom Build Parts. Threaded Blanks. 45 Caliber. 45 ACP; 45 Long Colt; 45 Long Colt / 410; 44 Magnum; 9mm; 357 Magnum /38 Special; 380 Auto; 22 Long Rifle; Shotgun Adapters. What are Shotgun Adapters? 12 Gauge. 30-30 Win; 45-70. Although designed for the 44 mag, the Redhawk has also been offered in 357 S&W Magnum, 41 Remington Magnum, and 45 Colt (with the latter version being somewhat notorious for poor accuracy). The gun shown in this article is an older version that's no longer available, with 5.5-inch barrel and blued steel finish (blued versions were dropped in about 2005) .45 Colt.45 Schofield.41 Short.32 Long Colt.38 Short Colt.38 Long Colt.44 Colt.41 Magnum.41 Special; List of handgun cartridges; References Last edited on 1 June 2020, at 02:03. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This page was last edited on 1 June 2020, at 02:03 (UTC). Text is.

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